Help With Office 365



Q.  I am a student in Sarasota County, but I keep getting an error when I log in.  How can I get help?

A.  Ask your teacher or homeroom teacher to submit a HELP ticket for you.

Q.  What is the difference between SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro?

A.  SkyDrive is the public version of Microsoft’s cloud storage.  SkyDrive Pro is what we utilize in Office 365.  Your login information can ONLY be used in SkyDrive Pro.

Q.  I downloaded some apps for my device, but it is asking me for my Office 365 email address.  What is it?

A.  Students, your email address is your "" Example  Your password is your PIN#.  Staff you will use your  Your password is the same as your county provided computer. 

Q.  What do you mean by “Only internal emails are allowed”?

A.  In Office 365, you only have the ability to email students and teachers in Sarasota County.  The same goes for people trying to send you an email.  If they don’t have a email address, the message will not be delivered.